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Episode 4 | Zakah | Pillars of Islam

Competegood Team February 25, 2024

Zakat is an obligatory charity in Islam. It enables the distribution of surplus wealth to the needy. At Akhuwat, we believe Zakat has the power to eradicate world poverty if it were applied on a wide enough scale. The term ‘Zakat’ in Arabic literally means to cleanse. As the third pillar of Islam, Zakat is a form of worship and a way for us to cleanse our wealth. Episode 4, Zakah, Pillars of Islam Our Quran Memorization channel @Zill Noorain Quran Memorization Main channel @Zill Noorain Urdu channel @Zill Noorain / Urdu by subscribing to our channel, you promote our work. Website www.Zillnoorain.com Facebook @zillenooraininstitute Instagram @zillnoorainins #zakat #pillarsofislam #pillars #seerah #zakah #muftimenk #battle #kidsland #zillnoorain #kidsmadanichannel

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