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Episode 1| Learn The Five Pillars of Islam | Zill Noorain

Competegood Team February 25, 2024

Subscribe @ZillNoorain visit us at https://zillnoorain.com/ What are essential acts that make one claims to be Muslim? Islam has five fundamental pillars or actions one must believe in and follow: Shahada, Salat, Zagat, Sawm, and the Hajj. Without believing and following these fundamentals, one can not claim to be a Muslim. @ZillNoorainQuran @ZillNoorainUrdu Our Quran Memorization channel @Zill Noorain Quran Memorization Main channel @Zill Noorain Urdu channel @Zill Noorain / Urdu by subscribing to our channel, you promote our work. Website www.Zillnoorain.com Facebook @zillenooraininstitute Instagram @zillnoorainins #5pillarsofislam #pillarsofislam #pillars # #islamic #salah #hajj #zakat #muftimenk #omarandhana #kidsland #kidsmadanichannel

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