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Episode 2 | Shahadah | Pillars of Islam

Competegood Team February 25, 2024

Shahadah: Standing witness to something one believes to be true. In Islam, it means to bear witness to the ones of Allah and the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). This is the first act a Muslim must perform and believe in before being declared to be Muslim. Episode 2, Shahadah, Pillars of Islam @ZillNoorain visit us at https://zillnoorain.com/ Learn more at @ZillNoorainQuran @ZillNoorainUrdu Our Quran Memorization channel @Zill Noorain Quran Memorization Main channel @Zill Noorain Urdu channel @Zill Noorain / Urdu by subscribing to our channel, you promote our work. Website www.Zillnoorain.com Facebook @zillenooraininstitute Instagram @zillnoorainins #shahadat #5pillarsofislam #shahadah #pillars #pillarsofislam #islamicteachings #deeniyat #kidsmadanichannel #omarandhana

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