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New Feature Announcement!

Due to the fast expansion of Dentistrly in multiple countries we added a new feature that enables members to filter posts by country.

Just above the status sharing box, you will find the countries filter. Click it, search and/or select a country from the list. Instantly, your newsfeed will show posts from this country only.

Please stay tuned for new features we're adding to Dentistrly. Please kindly share Dentistrly and invite your friends!

Thank you,
Dentistrly Team.

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We're now 100+ Dentistrly members strong!

Thanks to every one of you. Now we aim at 1,000 members!

#together #better #dentistry

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Verify your identity on Dentistrly today and get $25 ad credit for free.

To verify your identity you should send us:

1. A copy of your passport or ID card
2. A copy of the Graduation Document (Dentists)/Faculty Card (Students)/Tax Card (Merchant)

You can use the free ad credit to run ads to your Dentistrly page or any desired external website.

To start the verification process please visit the following link:

Note: Ad credit is a gift and is non-refundable or exchangeable.

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We ❤️ #dentistry!